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Fig Tart with Pine Nuts & Rosemary

This is a tart that came to happen by means of foraged fruits. For figs aren’t the kind of fruits a Venetian countryman or woman would ever buy. You’ll either pick them from the tree in your yard or go out on in the fields and find some there. I have been doing both, reverting to the second option as soon as our young tree was spent.  Even now that the season for figs is coming to an end, I managed to gather enough fruits to try this fig tart twice. After the second attempt, having grown quite fond of its aromatic flair, I was keen to share my impressions (and the recipe) here. I hope I’m not too late, and that you can still find figs where you are, no matter whether in the wild or at the market.

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Easy Fig Cake

I love figs to bits, and one of the things I’ve been missing about home is having the freedom to go out in the yard and pick them at will. So when I went home to Veneto a few weeks ago, one of the first things was exactly that – picking figs eating them while still warm. I baked quite a lot of fig cakes, too, and the easy fig cake recipe below is the result of a few attempts.

It’s an unfussy cake. It’s not too sweet and it’s very light due to the lack of butter or oil. It makes for a lovely breakfast or afternoon snack.

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Turkish Yogurt Cake with Figs

The first figs have just started to appear on the market stands, and I just can’t resist their call.

As a child, the only figs we ate were those growing in Grandma’s garden – small and pastel-green, with a bright red, sweet and jammy flesh. I remember them being ripe and ready in early September. She had so many that it was impossible to keep up, so we came up with all kinds of recipes to use them up. I liked them with yoghurt and honey, or simply oven-roasted, then topped with chopped almonds and a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. I loved fig jam, and fig jam crostata even more.
I have been living far from Grandma’s garden for a while now, but my passion for figs hasn’t faded a bit. I bought a good bagful at the market the other day, and after eating almost all of them as simple as they come, I had to get creative with those left behind, which were becoming a little too soft.
I found this lovely cake recipe and it was perfect for what I had in mind and in my fridge. The cake turned out as light and airy as a soufflé, and perfuming of orange blossom water. We all loved it; it felt just perfect for these last days of summer.