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Eggs and Anchovies – A Venetian Cicchetto


If I have to visualise the best scenario for an aperitivo, I see a Venetian square bathed in the warmth of a summer evening light. The square is not crowded, but lively with people gathering and forming small, chatty groups standing at the doorsteps of the most popular bars. I see a handful of friends around me, each of them with their drink in hand,  all of us cheering, suddenly relaxed by the simple presence of each other as we chat the evening away. I see someone going back for a refill and some nibbles – perhaps some crostini or cicchetti. And one of them will certainly be eggs and anchovies.

Eggs and anchovies (meso ovo, in the local dialect) is a traditional Venetian cicchetto, which can be found in almost all the respectable bàcari in town. A poor dish, aimed at satisfying some serious peckishness with simple, easy-to-get ingredients, it has for long been one of the most democratic snacks to go with the glass of wine. they are as good consumed in a Venetian alley as they are at home, perhaps with a glass of

Now, if you don’t find yourself any close to a Venetian square, rest assured that they will be as good at home, better still with a spritz to keep the Venetian theme.

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Classic Aperol Spritz

If you have never tried spritz, now is a good time to start. Quintessentially Venetian, spritz is highly refreshing and extremely (dangerously) easy to drink, but also very convivial and perfect for those long aperitivi spent in some lively piazzas before heading to a late dinner.

A bit of backstory. It all started as a glass of white wine, watered down by sparkling water to cut on the alcohol content; and it then evolved until it became what it is today: a mix of Aperol or Campari, prosecco (or dry white wine), and a drop of soda, all served with ice.

Spritz is great on its own but it pairs well with salty snacks –  olives, crisps, or some small nibbles like cicchetti (Venetian tapas of sorts).

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