Grapefruit Avocado Salad


It could be overwhelming, at times, but for the most part, it is simply exciting. Since its very beginning, this year has shown full of events. It has shown being demanding for attentions, careful planning, and sound decisions.

Of all the plans I have in mind, perhaps only a few will take shape. The best part about this year is that it is making me live in anticipation, it helps me seeing beyond the day I am living, it motivates me to make this upcoming future a better present. Planning could be stressful, sometimes useless, as things simply happen and never go the way we thought they would. But planning enables me to await these future events with cheerful and positive impatience rather than with fear and apprehension. Or perhaps, it helps me living these negative feelings only in the process of planning, when everything seems so intricate, but frees me from them once the dice is cast.

These rainy days are perfect for planning. Sitting on the couch, with my legs crossed, I browse options, open tabs, close tabs, take notes on my still immaculate daily journal. But most of all, I dream of those days, of the summer to come, when I could finally live, experience and treasure those moments with a free soul, ready to be filled with whatever this so very awaited trip is going to give me.

In this spirit, with this mind of mine stretched out to those hot summer days on the road to California, I made a salad that celebrates the best of its seasonal produce –citrus and avocado. This grapefruit and avocado salad comes straight from the kitchen of one of the most inspirational chefs in the Bay Area, Chez Pansse. A place that is already in my plan to visit.

For the salad, slice and scoop out the flesh of a ripe avocado. Peel the grapefruit, too, then cut off the flesh in segments. Arrange on a plate. Prepare the dressing by whisking together olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper and some finely sliced shallot, plus the remaining juice from the grapefruit scraps. Pour the dressing over the grapefruit and avocado and top with fresh mint leaves.


  1. Reb February 1, 2013

    Quasi mi stanco di ripeterti quanto tu sia bella e solare e vulcanica. Ma proprio non ci si può astenere.
    La rifo prima di subito, tua avocado maniac for eva'

    • Valeria February 2, 2013

      ormai sono stata smascherata. Una della scuola slowfoodiana che ha tradito un po' il credo per amore degli avocado…:) Spero di poter essere redenta, nella convinzione ora più ferma che mai di non essere l'unica. xx

  2. Chiara Setti February 1, 2013

    Anch'io sogno quei giorni d'estate e di sole..soprattutto in questo periodo che qui…solo nebbia.
    Siamo blogpatiche, anche da me oggi c'è un'insalata con il pompelmo.. 😉
    Un bacio

    • Valeria February 2, 2013

      ah, lo so, per quanto mi sforzi, io e l'inverno non ci amiamo proprio. sorprendentemente, questo tempo ballerino qui in UK ci regala dei meravigliosi sprazzi di sereno e vento fresco, che sono forse la cosa che amo di più di questa stagione (e gli agrumi). un abbraccio

  3. Peanut February 1, 2013

    Mi piace,mi piace,mi piace.un abbinamento che non esiterò a provare. *un'altra avocado maniac*

    • Valeria February 2, 2013

      Fondiamo un gruppo!! Sto meditando di coltivarmeli sul poggiolo, un visto diversi tutorial in rete! 🙂


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