About Valeria


I grew up in the Venetian countryside, in a village surrounded by miles and miles of farmland, in a family where food filled our conversations. Living in close proximity to the my grandparent’s vegetable garden, I learnt to see food as a cycle; to live in anticipation of each and every season; and to treasure the fruits of summer above all things.

Ironically, my interest in cooking began to take shape after I left home and went to college. The daily market proved a great source of inspiration and inexpensive seasonal produce. I would stock up and then move to my shared student kitchen to turn it all into decent meals that could go a long way. I came to enjoy the process very much, experimenting and spending an increasing amount of time in front of the stove.

Cooking aside, I became passionate about the cultural and historical side of food. I travelled with food at the forefront of my mind, read a number of food tomes, and started to scribble down my own food discoveries. And so, led by this increasing passion for the all-encopassing world of food, after graduation I decided to shift my career path and enrol in a masters in food studies instead. I never looked back.

I have been working in food and with food ever since – first, in a full-time communications job, and now as a food writer, recipe developer and photographer.

This Blog

I started Life Love Food in 2010 as a place to share my ever-growing passion for cooking and food writing. Six years, a cookbook and many articles later, it remains my safe space and creative outlet for all things food.

My Debut Cookbook

I’d like to think of my first cookbook, Veneto, as a memoir with recipes. In it I poured much of my life – and many of my most-trasured memories, all tied to family and food. No ‘about’ page will ever tell my story better than this book. If you wish, you can read more about it here and buy it here.